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Cerebral Hacks is all your greatest asset. No, not that asset. I’m talking about what’s between your ears: the network of neurons who functions we are now only uncovering.

Join us as we explore the web that is your mind. We cover everything from keeping your brain fighting fit all the way till the day you no longer need it, to the common neurological disorders that plague mankind, to urban myths of the brain, to how your friend’s influence on your choice… and everything in between.


A portrait of Andrianes Pinantoan

Andrianes Pinantoan is a long time blogger and an avid student of the brain. Cerebral Hacks is the place where he shares his opinions and the latest developments in the industry.

In addition to being the editor of Cerebral Hacks, he is part of the team at Open Colleges and a Sydney startup called Pocketbook. When not working, he can be found behind a lens or buried deep in a psychology book.

About Cerebral hacks

Cerebral Hacks is all about how to leverage your greatest asset: your mind. We cover everything from psychology to nutrition to help you be smarter.
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